New Artists, New Fish Art, New Fly Fishing Apparel August 01 2015

One of my favorite parts of my job is finding new artists and new art to be used in our line.  While we currently offer images of rainbow trout, browns, brookies, tarpon, dorado, and striper, it seems that everyone always wanted a fish that we didn't currently offer.  I have come to discover that people want to wear their local fish.  I guess this is pretty intuitive, but I somehow underestimated this effect.

We've been busy adding new artists and new art to our offering for 2015/2016, and I have been getting a lot of requests for some warm-water species.  Because I grew up on the lakes of Wisconsin, and because my grandfather was a huge musky fisherman, I had to add a muskellunge.  Since I still find time for bass and walleye I went in search of those images.  Adding fish means adding artists.  The addition of Terry Doughty and Al Agnew to the Fincognito family brings three new warm water species.  Terry's Musky artwork shows a vintage pair of fishermen on the back with an exploding musky front and center.  Talking about exploding, Al Agnew's Bass erupts out of the lake after being hooked in an exciting presentation. Al's Walleyes also get the nod as we use two different painting on the front and back.

Our current "Tarpon Online" by Daniel Lopez has enjoyed great popularity and have immersed us in the salt water market , but we continued to get requests for a bonefish. Luckily, Vaughn Cochran, the owner of Blackfly Brands, has a spectacular bonefish called "Lean Green Fighting Machine".  The coloration and the reflected water will make this a very popular item.

My western fly shops keep ribbing me about adding some cutthroat trout to our offering and, thankfully, AD Maddox has given us some of our best trout images to date.  We are adding her Rise #12 which features a beautiful cutthroat trout going after a green drake mayfly.  This is a scene we see so often in the west and I will never tire of seeing AD's representation on our garments.

Tranquility by Travis Sylvester has been one of our top sellers this past year.  We are expecting similar results with his awesome "Freestone", an underwater view of a just-released cutty heading back to the river.  I cannot wait to get these new fishing shirts into our line.  I am hoping to begin shipping the new in time for the holidays.

Meanwhile, let me know what fish you would like added in the future.  I have had many requests for redfish so that one is definitely on my radar.